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She's only gone and done it!

We're over the moon that we now have a published website and are hoping this blog will be an opportunity share exciting developments and meet new people.

Exciting news!

During the Covid-19 lockdown we are taking the opportunity to do the renovations inside the shop that we had planned to do: we're making a separate space for the workshops to take place (so we can get messy!) and changing the lighting etc. This work should all be complete and the shop ready to re-open mid July. Hopefully things will have improved a little soon and the safety guidance won't need to be so strict - we can't wait to get back to running the workshops, we've got some juicy ones planned.

We love it when you talk to us

I am a self confessed social media introvert and blogging is a brand new experience to me, but, I absolutely love connecting with friends and meeting new people, so feel free to get involved; message, follow on our social media, reply to this blog, join our mailing list...what ever works best for you. We'd also like to say thank you for the beautiful messages and support we've received whilst we've been closed.

Double denim

The image above isn't actually me, but it's pretty much what I look like on a Sunday morning - and double had to stay in!

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